Metal Bat

  • William Van Hecke is me.
  • I design software and pursue esoteric hobbies in Seattle. It is lovely to have you here!
  • @fet is my Twitter thing.
  • This site exists to keep track of all the dumb stuff I have on the internet. The sections shuffle every hour.


Tabletop Gaming

  • At the moment I have three tabletop RPG characters: Cross the tiefling paladin, Xo the half-elf psion, and Sulðr the dwarven alchemist banker.
  • Did you know you can use OmniGraffle for tabletop gaming? We use this for our dual-DM campaign at work.
  • In high school I played a lot of Warhammer 40,000, mainly as the Tyranids. That army is gone now. Nowadays I have a nice Warmachine army, of the Protectorate of Menoth faction.



  • I am learning to knit. You can say hello at my Ravelry page.
  • Sometimes I do 3D modeling. It used to be in Cinema 4D, then Blender, and now Modo. I have nothing to show for this yet, though.
  • I have accumulated a whole lot of garage kits and plastic mecha models, and have even built and painted a few of them.
  • In like 2000 or so I made a Genesis controller work on PSX.
  • In 2009 I built an arcade stick to the point that you could plug it in and play fighting games with it. Someday I may even finish it to the point that it is worth photographing.


  • I really like Python and jQuery.
  • Since 2003, Julian Lancaster and I have been a game studio called Momo Pax, which has built many things and shipped none of them. Nowadays we just use that site as a place for him to teach me about pixel art.
  • It is remarkable how many names in marketing and fiction could have been created by my Badass Name Generator.
  • Helpify is a tool for turning OmniOutliner documents into Apple Help Books.


Video Games


  • Heta no Yokozuki Sekai 4 is a blog of varying merit.
  • I have a long-running secret fiction writing project which is not linked from anywhere and which you will never see! But it is out there.


  • I enjoy making things that are in Japanese not be in Japanese anymore.
  • Clamm-bon Eigo-ban is my long-running project to provide English info and lyrics for Clammbon, my favorite band in the world. I’ve translated many of their songs and subtitled both of their films!
  • A bunch of us fans are trying to create a new English version of the lovely PS2 game Ar tonelico 2, at the At2 Relocalization Project. I worked on the style guide, translated Chroche’s Cosmosphere, and translated Frelia’s Binary Field.
  • In 2002, I coordinated the Xenosaga Madness Project, a complete translation and gameplay guide to the PS2 game Xenosaga Episode I. You can also hop straight to the guide, which in retrospect is kind of an impressive document.
  • If you like her music you might enjoy this list of YUKI song titles translated into English.


  • Now you’re at the bottom of my web site.