Xenosaga Madness Project
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The madness is over.

Latest Episode II News

Xenosaga Freaks: 2004.4.28 -- ¥4800. Bonus CD available with preorder.
Xenosaga Episode II: 2004.6.24 -- ¥6,980; Premium Box ¥17,800. Bonus DVD available with preorder. Premium Box includes 2 KOS-MOS figures, bike model, weapon accessories, art book.

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Xeno What?

from the Introduction: The Xenosaga Madness Project is dedicated to the assembly of a complete FAQ/walkthrough/translation guide to the Japanese release of the Playstation 2 game _Xenosaga: Episode I_, for English speakers. The project was conceived by WVH (jetfuel) as a way for him to play the game early, to practice some Japanese before leaving to study in Tokyo, to avoid potentially bad English localization, and most of all to help Xeno fans around the world enjoy this fine game in a language more familiar to them than Japanese. In the weeks preceding the game's Japanese release, several other fans came out of the Xeno web woodwork to lend their talents, making the project very much a group effort.

Xeno Info

There are a number of good fansites, but few can compare to Zenosaga.com, which should be your first stop for all things Xeno. The newest version of the guide is also always available at GameFAQs, which is probably the finest gaming site that exists.

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